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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Chapter 3 - Questions
War with Moav

3:1-3 Who is the new king of Mamlechet Yisrael? How is he related to a. Achav; b. Achazyahu
· How was Yehoram better than his predecessors?

3:7-9 Who are the allies in this war? How does Edom come into this? See מלכ"א כ"ב/מ"ח

3:11-12 In earlier Yehuda-Yisrael war alliance (with Achav), Yehoshafat asked the very same question. See מל"א כ"ב/ז-ח.
· Compare the reaction of Yehoram as opposed to his father, Achav. - Here is another piece of evidence which supports Yehoram’s virtue in contrast to Achav.

3:15 cf. שמו"א י':ה' , ט"ז:"ד-י"ח,כ"ג and רמב"ם הל' יסודי התורה פ"ו הלכה ד'. Note the place of music in the process of inducing prophecy.

3:19/25 What exactly does Elisha see in his prophecy?
· Does the nevua of Elisha comes true? How accurately?

3:26-27 What is happening here?
Why was there קצף גדול על ישראל as a result of the King of Moav’s child sacrifice?
· See the different approaches of the Mepharshim here : רש"י, רד"ק, רלב"ג, דעת מקרא
(and note here that they relate to two textual questions:
a. When it says “his son”, whose child was killed? and
b. “"קצף גדול על ישראל Is this about “Yisrael” exclusively or also Yehuda?)