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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Questions Chapter 2

פרק ב The "death" of Eliyahu
This perek describes the unusual departure/death of Eliyahu which is depicted in dramatic detail.
· As you are reading, do you see certain parallels with the previous perek?

2:1 Trace the route taken by Eliyahu and Elisha throughout the perek. Note that the Gilgal here is a different place to the Gilgal by Jericho - see Da’at Mikra on פסוק א

2:3 Can you explain the centrality of the Bnei Haneviim in this Perek. LIST where they come into the story?

2:13-14 See the role of Eliyahu’s cloak here. Notice the connection with מל"א י"ט/י"ט. What is the symbolism behind this cloak?

2:19-21 What is Elisha's first act as a prophet of the people?

2:25 You will notice that Elisha has followed Eliyahu’s route in reverse. Why does he go to Har Hacarmel at this point in time? Does it fit into the pattern?

2:23-5 This is a very difficult story. Why do these people die?
- How does Elisha's PHYSICAL appearance as described n these pesukim, contrast with Eliyahu's physical appearance as demonstrated in 1:8?
- What are these people saying when they call Elisha "bald" focussing on this physical feature in particular?
- Which city do these "na'arim" come from?