Melachim Bet

We just can't stop learning! ...The Bekiut Nach class of 5766 in a quest to complete Nevi'im Rishonim

Friday, June 09, 2006


Just some suggestions for books to use as you learn:

1. Mikraot Gedolot - Rashi, Radak, Metzudot etc.
2. Daat Mikra - the best modern work that fuses peshat with wider theme summaries, occasional literary comments, character studies, linguistics, etc. The series is written by frum people and as such is strongly recommended.
3. Rav Yigal Ariel's work - Mikdash Melekh. It is a commentary on Sefer Melachim
4. Rav Yissachar Yaacobson's book of questions on Neviim Rishonim.
5. Rav Samet's book - Pirkei Eliyahu - which covers the first 2 chapters of the Sefer!
6. Many useful Tanach articles can be found on Just look in the Tanach section.