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Monday, August 07, 2006

ch.11-12 Questions

מלכים ב' פרק י"א-י"ב

#1-3 Why did Athalia perform the strange act of killing all the royal family? Search for clues! Passuk 1,3,17-18.
· For how many years was she queen?
· Who saved Yoash? How did they keep him alive? See also Divrei Hayamim II 22:11 for more details.

· How does Yehoyada act in an unusual way for a Kohen, in the light of what we have seen so far in Sefer Melachim

#4-12 Explain how they performed the revolt. Cross reference the story in Divrei Hayamim.

Explain the following words/phrases/concepts by learning the Radak:
· באי השבת
· משמרת הבית
· מסח
· שער סור
· שדרות

What weapons did the rebels use?
#12 What is the עדות? See Rashi, Radak.

#17-20 What religious atmosphere did Athalia sustain
What religious priorities did the new regime set for itself?

פרק י"ב
(Haftara for Parshat Shekalim)

· What priorities does the new king demonstrate in this perek? What about his biography would have lead him in this direction? Why was there a need for renovations? –see Divrei Hayamim II 24:4-7.

What happens in this episode?

To fill in the spiritual gap between passuk 17 and 18, see Divrei Hayamim II 24:14-22

· Who treats the store-rooms of the Beit Hamikdash in the same way as Yoash? See Melachim I ch.15:18

How does Yoash die? Can you explain possible motives?