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Friday, July 21, 2006

Questions - ch.8-10

פרק ח'
#1-2 To where does the Shunamite woman move house in the wake of the seven year famine? What does she find after she returns home?
#2-6 What can we deduce as to the king’s role from this perek and the previous one?

Elisha appoints Haza’el king over Aram
#7-8 How does Ben-Hadad relate to Elisha? How did he know him? What does Haza’el take as a מנחה to Elisha. See passuk 9. cf.5:5
#8 Compare 8:8 with 1:2

#13 Look back to מלכ"א י"ט:ט"ו .
Is Elisha fulfilling Eliyahu’s role here? Why did Eliyahu pass the task on to Elisha? In addition, note the other task given to Eliyahu in perek 19 there. This will be fulfilled in our next perek. See 9:1. So it is all coming together!
· To investigate this, see Daat Mikra on 8:7 and Radak and Ralbag on מלכ"א י"ט:ט"ו
8:16 Who is this king? Length of his reign? Who was his wife?
#21 A difficult passuk. Who won the war here? (Radak)

To fill in certain details about his reign, see Divrei Hayamim Bet 21:12-20. (If you are puzzled as to how Eliyahu could send a letter at this point, see the mepharshim there.)

8:25 Who is this king? Length of his reign? Who was his mother? (Is there a problem here with the description בת עמרי? – Radak)
· In which war does he join together with the king of Israel? Who is wounded? Where does he go to recover from his war wounds?
· What does this story tell us about the relationship between Yisrael and Yehuda at this time?

פרק ט'
Where is Ramot Gilad? What is happening there? – see the previous perek passuk 28. Where have we seen this location before in Sefer Melachim?

פרק י'
#1 Why does Elisha not perform this mission himself?
#2 "חדר בחדר" Where have we seen this phrase before? See מל"א כ':ל'. Identify the connection between the two.
#3 "ופתחת הדלת ונסת ולא תחכה" Why?
#13-14 Who "crowns" יהוא at this stage?
#15 Who was יזרעאל in at this time? Why?

Pay attention to the following words and their usage in the Perek:
i. שלום ; ii. שגעון

פרק ט'-י'
יהוא wages a series of killings and massacres.
· Note down a. the route that he takes; b. The groups/individuals that he eliminates?
· Where is it emphasized that Yehu acts as an agent of God?
· By which method does Yehu kill the 70 children of Achav?
· Who is יונדב בן רכב? (See the end of the Perek.) What "trick" does he play on the inhabitants of Shomron?
י':ל'-ל"ו What is the final assessment of Yehu's actions?

See the summary here from Daat Mikra. Does the Daat Mikra commentary view מרד יהוא in a positive or a negative light?