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Friday, July 14, 2006

Chavruta Questions
Ch. 6-7

פרק ו'
#1 Why do the B’nei Neviim need to begin to build homes (or maybe a new Beit Midrash?) If homes need to be added to the group of Neviim, that would indicate that they are "recruiting" additional people? Might this demonstrate a burst of interest in spiritual matters?
· In the light of the previous perek, who would appear to be responsible for this renewed spiritual interest?

#8-11 The background to both this perek and the previous perek is the military actions of Malchut Aram. How would you describe what is going on here militarily?
· In what other ways does our story resemble that of פרק ה'?

#17 Chariots of fire - where else have we seen these chariots?
Do these chariots surround the town or just Elisha? - What does this mean?

#21 How does the king refer to Elisha? What might this tell us about their relationship?

#22 Why should one free the enemy troops? Why did they feed them?

This is the Haftara for Parshat Metzora.

#24-28 What national situation is described here? What details does the Navi give us so that we know just how serious the situation is?
#31Why does the king see Elisha as in some way responsible here? – see Rashi, Radak and contrast with Ralbag. Note passuk 8:1

7:1 Compare the prices of food in this passuk, with those in 6:25

· What miracle saves the city of Shomron here?
· Are the metzora’im depicted as morally positive characters?
· How does the king react to the dramatic news that the metzora’im report?
· How does the Tanakh describe Elisha's prophecy as coming true.
What happens to the person who ridiculed Elisha’s ability? (Interesting. Was his comments – passuk 2– different from those of the king in passuk 6:27?)