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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

ch.15 - The Decline and Fall of the Northern kingdom.

From the heights of the period of Yerovam, the Northern Kingdom falls rapidly. In approximately 40 years the Kingdom is invaded, destroyed and exiled.

Here is the timeline as described by ch.15 and 17.

Zecharia (ben Yerovam) – 6 months


Shalum ben Yavesh – 1 month


Menachem ben G'di – 10 years
Pekachia (ben Menachem) - 2 years


Pekach ben Remaliahu – 20 years


Hoshea ben Ella - 9 years.

Destruction of Shomron. Exile of the Ten Tribes!

Just from this timeline, you can see that the sense of stability has totally fallen apart. No king lasts too long and there is a feeling of opportunism and pessimism as each king is clearly deemed an unpopular leader and others imagine that if they take his place they will fare better!

At the same time we can feel the slow approach of the mighty superpower of Assyria - Ashur.

15:19 - Pul makes a threatening approach and is bribed by Menachem to leave the kingdom intact
15:29 - The advance of Tiglat-Palesser and the conquest of the Northern Gallilee.
17:3 - Shalmanesser finds that Israel have rebelled against him and he sets siege against Shomron ultilately destroying the city.